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Principal's Corner

2014/2015 School year

I can't believe that the summer is already over.  It was a very busy one here at the school.  This summer we removed the last of the carpeting.  Which is easier said than done.  So that meant that three classrooms, the library, and both offices had to be emptied out, which is no easy task.  So we are still in the process of putting everything back in its place.  But the floors look FANTASTIC!!!!  We are very pleased with the final look and to be rid of that old, worn carpet.

This year we are saying goodbye to a few of our students and hello to some new ones.  We will really miss those that are leaving us but wish them the best in their new adventures. 

Mrs. Taylor is back at school, she'll be teaching the 6/7/8 class in the afternoon.  Ms. Schildt will be in the 6/7/8 class in the mornings and the 3/4/5 in the afternoons.  The teachers are all very excited about starting the new year.  We spent yesterday in Great Falls listening to Bill Daggett, a nationally known specialist on teaching with rigor and relevance.  He also spoke to the issue of teaching children to be prepared for the ever advancing technical world that we are living in especially when our schools are not able to provide that type of technology.  It was a very informative day that provided us with some great ideas.  

I personally had a very busy summer as we celebrated my Grandmother's 100th birthday and my Step-father's 80th birthday.  These celebrations were surrounded with a family reunion that involved the majority of my 6 siblings and our children and their families.  The huckleberries are in the freezer, pints of jam in the cupboard, and some berries in the fridge waiting patiently to be made into syrup.