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Principal's Corner

The year is half over.

I know that I always say this but "WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE!"  I can't believe that we are already half done.  Semester report cards went home last Wednesday.  As many of you may be aware we have been doing group activities in the gym twice a month.  We have been doing "Problem of the Month" and "Stem" activities.  The students and the staff have really been enjoying these activities.  During the Problem of the Month the students are split into 6 groups that are close in grade level.  Each group solves the problem at their grade level then we share our findings.  The Stem activities have the students in groups of 2 by grade level.  Each group is given a baggie with identical items in it.  They are asked to make/design/build something for a specific purpose and that is it.  The staff walk around and re-direct if a group is off-task but may not offer any suggestions or assistance in any way.  This is really hard on the staff but they are getting use to biting their tongues.  The results have been incredible.  The older students have been amazed by the skills and creativity of the younger students.  This has been a great growing experience for everyone in the school.