About Our School

We are a small rural school that educates the children of the East Glacier Park community in grades Kindergarten through 8th.  Our classes are taught in a multi-grade set up.

We provide our students with a strong academic program.  A Native American component is infused in all areas of our curriculum.  Students and staff have beaded a deer hide in the tradition of Blackfeet story telling.  A mini pow-wow is held in the gym just prior to Thanksgiving break.  Our school was fortunate enough to have received a Crayola grant that has allowed us to have an art curriculum developed specifically for our students that focuses on their cultural heritage.

We offer sports activities in cross country, coed basketball, girls volleyball, softball, golf, wrestling and track and field.
Glacier Park rangers come into the school each month to do special projects with the students.  Hiking, snow shoe trips and down-hill skiing are just a few of the outdoor activities that our students participate in.

Students participate in the Missoula Children's Theatre program each spring.

Our classrooms have the latest in technological equipment.  We are participating in a grant that provides a tech professional who helps incorporate this technology into our lessons.

The eighth grades students have experienced graduation trips; they have gone to Los Angeles, Hawaii, the Northwest Pacific coast, Edmonton, Minneapolis, Seattle, Silverwood and Chicago.  The destinations are varied dependent on the students' interests and fundraising abilities.